Truck Accidents

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Northern Indiana is a regional hub for semi trucks carrying freight out of Chicago to the coasts and throughout the nation. Every day, thousands of truckers rely on I-80, I-90 and Highway 20 to move their trailers through the Michiana region.

Truck drivers and truck company owners are heavily regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. When a motor vehicle accident involves a commercial truck, the investigation usually begins with determining whether the driver and truck company were in compliance with the law.

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If you were injured or have lost a loved one in a truck accident on a road or highway in northern Indiana, call the office of Jay Lauer, Attorney at Law, in South Bend. Personal injury litigation attorney Jay Lauer has been helping victims of truck accidents recover full and fair compensation for medical care and financial damages for more than 25 years. Truck accident injury and wrongful death claims in Indiana can become very complex. Truck companies often protect themselves from serious financial liability by withholding critical evidence or pushing hard to settle with the injured party as early as possible. Before you talk to an insurance adjuster or a representative from the trucking firm, make sure you know your rights.

Just Passing Through The Area?

If you are not a local resident of the Michiana region and were injured in a truck accident while passing through northern Indiana, Mr. Lauer can handle your personal injury claim locally. He will take care of all details concerning gathering records and reports, investigating the cause of the accident and determining the full extent of the compensation you may be entitled to.

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Call to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. If you retain us as your legal counsel, we will cover the upfront costs of investigating, preparing and settling your case. You remain in control of the final decision about accepting a negotiated settlement or taking your case to trial.

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From offices in South Bend, Indiana, litigation lawyer Jay Lauer provides legal advice and representation for clients throughout the Michiana region. Call toll free (574) 208-6267 or contact our office by email to arrange a consultation with South Bend truck accident attorney Jay Lauer today.